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ok, one of mysteryblonde88's friends informed me that she was having computer trouble, and that is why she hasn't been on in so long. so once she gets back we can hopefully start to get this community going.
[mysteryblonde88, once you read PLEASE either IM me on omfgznikki or omgitssnikki> or comment in my journal. i need to talk to you.

and to the members of this community, i know that you are all probably really busy because school has started up... i know i've been. but we at least need to have more than one person be active. so, once we get more members and our current members get active. i will make promotional banners, and once mysteryblonde88 gives me access to this community.. i will add a few pictures&update the userinfo. and things. if she doesnt come back after a long time, i was thinking of making my own community, and if you would be willing to be a mod along with me let me know. it would be yet another rating community.

i was also thinking that we could change the application to kind of like a survey thing, so we can learn more about you. and it is optional to have pictures of yourself. and i can also make accepted or rejected banners as well.

i'll be able to do this just as long as i get the permission of mysteryblonde88, because it is also her community. if you have any suggestions, please comment.

i also want all of the members to comment on this letting us know if you still want to be in this community, and are willing to stay active. also comment if you plan on leaving the community.

thanks for your cooperation,
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